Introducing Sabine Buhlmann

Sabine Bühlmann is a life coach and meditation teacher. She is a certified success coach, having trained with Jack Canfield and studied life coaching at the Institute of Applied Psychology at the University of Zurich. She specializes in Transactional Analysis, an approach that combines psychology and psychotherapy.

She attained her Applied Mindfulness Meditation Specialist certificate at the University of Toronto. She is also a yoga teacher, trained and certified through the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.

Based in Toronto, she maintains a private practice as a life coach and teaches mindfulness meditation both to individuals and at the corporate level.

In Switzerland she worked for more than ten years as a German and French high school teacher. She was also a vice principal and coached and evaluated students at the Teachers College of Zurich for state certification.

from Jack Canfield 

From Clients

Sabine is a professional par excellence. She is graceful and soulful in the way that she imparts her expertise, and is very well suited to instruct people to lead more productive, balanced and less stressful lives. I’d recommend her in an instant
—Joseph Adler, Lawyer

I’ve had the pleasure of taking the 8 week Meditation Course offered by Life Coaching and Meditation with Sabine Bühlmann and I was extremely happy! It has changed my life. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor with an amazing attitude and professionalism. I would recommend this to anyone looking for inner peace and tranquility. Thank you Sabine for everything! 
— Robby Riggs, Owner-Operator Robeter Productions

Sabine’s life coaching and meditation 8-week course was life-changing. In January I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I was feeling scared, stressed and unsure of my future. From day 1, Sabine helped me see how damaging my thoughts and the stories I was playing in my mind were and helped me not only move past the diagnosis, but to give me the confidence I needed to set forth changes in my life including starting my own business and getting back the creative side I had hidden for a decade... and that was just the first 8 weeks! Sabine provided me a toolkit of mind and body exercises that I pull out for every emotion I’m feeling: anxiety, sadness, happiness and gratitude. The best thing is the more time goes on, the less anxiety and sadness I feel and the more happiness & gratitude I let into my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me through this journey. 
—Tiffany daSilva

Sabine has been coaching me and teaching me meditation for over a year. Deciding to meet her and having one-on-one sessions with her was a decision that literally changed my life. She never gives me pre-packaged solutions, instead she is very attentive to my specific problems, she pushes me to question myself by asking me questions and giving me guidance and very powerful tools to help me to find my own solutions and my own life path. She also helps me to reorganize my life by making me aware of what really counts in my life, how to prioritize things. Finally, by practicing with her mindfulness of breath and meditation, I learn how to change negative thinking patterns to non-judgmental attitude and how to feel calm and focused, enjoying the present moment and appreciating little things around me. I highly recommend Sabine to anyone who is experiencing a challenging situation or who wants to have a more balanced and healthy life. Thank you Sabine for all your listening, compassion and knowledge. You’ve changed my life! 
— I.P., Teacher

This winter, I learned from Sabine for 8 weeks about mindfulness and meditation, and it has been very beneficial to my daily life. Her lessons on learning to cope with stress and anxiety have been extremely helpful, and her meditation techniques always keep me grounded and in a clear frame of mind. From Sabine I have learned many lessons, including having perspective, always being aware, being in touch with myself, and treating myself with kindness. Since working with Sabine I have been as mentally and spiritually healthy as ever! There are many things to learn from her, and I recommend her course to anyone and everyone. 
— Stephanie Mackay, Student

Deciding to pursue one-on-one mindful mediation sessions with Sabine Buhlmann was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is an extraordinary mentor: full of wisdom, compassion and dedication. It was the inspiration from my sessions with Sabine that motivated me to make mindful mediation — both formal and informal — an integral part of my life, rather than just something I read about. This has given me an essential tool that I have used to navigate challenging situations, involving health issues, relationships and professional stresses. I continue to turn to Sabine, both to learn new meditation practices and just because I really value the on-going support she gives me. 
— Egle Procuta Journalist/Foreign Desk, Globe and Mail, Toronto

Sabine Buhlmann has been the life coach to our family for the past ten months and has supported us individually and as a family during this period of significant transition. The fact that Sabine is not only a life coach but also a high school teacher with twelve years experience has been very helpful for my teenage children, and her training as a yoga teacher added another dimension to the support she offered me rebuilding my strengths and returning to work after defeating breast cancer. 

There are several qualities that make Sabine so effective and pleasant to work with: 
Her empathy – she makes you feel understood and not alone with your problems
Her quick understanding of issues and inter-relationships among issues and people
Her pragmatic approach … embedded in a larger and deeper context
The positive thinking she encourages and supports
The fact that she helps you develop your OWN solutions by asking questions, identifying alternatives and probing
Her visuals, which make situations become clear to see and grasp
Her courage to express her own opinion without imposing it
Her ability to facilitate conversations among family members in a way that each individual feels understood and supported. 
I recommend Sabine to anyone who is serious about changing their life for the better. 
— Dr. Winz Casagrande, lic. oec. HSG, M.Arch. LEED

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